Teen Drops Cymbal During Band Performance But His Fast Thinking Saves The Show And It’s Too Funny

About This Video:

Odds are, you’ve wound up in at least one humiliating situation in your life—heck knows I have! Yet, when that not so awesome moment is caught on camera, it is at least ten times more regrettable! So what do you do on the off chance that you’re in a performance, being recorded by numerous, and you commit an error that several individuals are observing live? You follow in the strides of this young fellow in the video.

The recording demonstrates a secondary school band playing out the national song of devotion, “Star Spangled Banner,” for a recreation center loaded with individuals. Standing gladly, every student has a different instrument, playing it delightfully in the wake of having practiced for hours before.

While the performance was going, the young fellow in charge of playing the cymbals drops one to the floor. There are a few seconds where he looks totally stunned, humiliated, and uncertain of what to do. In all trustworthiness, we begin to feel very bad for the child. Yet, what he does next has each and every individual, in the group of onlookers and viewing the video, feeling super awed.

Without giving it away, we will state that his response is awesome!

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