Man Skillfully Demonstrates How To Put On A Sweater Without Disturbing Your Cat

About This Video:

If you’ve ever owned a cat, one distinguishing thing you will find out about them is that they are masters at paying attention. This means that if they are in the game, they love being in full control and they really really hate being disturbed.

You’d rather have them disturbing you and not the other way around. They may be cute from the outside but on the inside, they really need you to be patient with them. So, if you are working on your latest project and your cat takes up that really annoying position on you, the best you can do in such a situation is to chill out and let it pass because you really wouldn’t want to disturb the little guy.

Which is why when I watched this video, I was wowed. This guy expertly did it. You can learn a lot from him because in such a situation, most of us wouldn’t know how to handle it. We’d probably freak out or try to find a better alternative. The guy’s name is Roger Braun.

Actually, I thought that this is another guy who is just playing with his cat but then I saw him take his jumper sweater and I thought that maybe he wants to put it somewhere else. And yes, I was right, he wanted to put his jumper sweater somewhere else. In other words, he wanted to put it on his body.

I think the reason why Roger had to make that video a guide is because he now is an expert at it and he felt you could learn more from his skill. But why go through the trouble to just have a cat on your neck? Well, according to Roger, we are in energy conscious times and having a cat draped around your neck can be a cheap source of warmth for you.


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